Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sirius business

The Sirius Building in Sydney is a brutalist concrete monstrosity of a thing slap bang in the middle of the city's primest of prime real estate. It is 79 units of social housing - now empty - that looks like 79 piss-poor building blocks stacked on top of each other.

I like it.

Sirius Building, Millers Point

But it is for the chop. Cleansed of those who once lived there and not up to modern building codes the argument that it should be demolished was east t make. The land will sold off for a squazillion dollars, money that will of course be used to fund social housing elsewhere, sold to developers who will of course provide some social housing in Millers Point within whatever replaces it.

I can do the maths. The sale will generate enough cash to build a load of social housing somewhere else. I get it. And I'm over here displacing someone else, so have to shoulder my own little bit of blame for the economic cleansing of Sydney's nicer suburbs. (As it happens I try to sleep at night by reminding myself that I grew up in charity housing, then realise this makes me the pin-up boy for the if-you-just-try-hard-you'll-do-well mob that haven't done the maths; makes my head hurt.)

I don't want to live in a city that is utterly segregated along wealth lines. It isn't healthy for society.

This picture makes me a little sad. Those plants belonged to someone. Whatever is on that washing line was someones washing.

We don't need another fucking casino.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

two day catchup

Food remains pretty much the same with fruit, nuts a large cap and green tea at work. A mug of bone broth and yesterday's dinner was lamb saag followed by yoghurt and muesli, tonight was omelette followed by the yoghurt and muesli again.

Yesterday's exercise was the ride to and from work and an 8km run up to North Head and back. Both tougher and quicker than I expected. Lovely day for it though.

I'm putting that down as my one and possibly only official training hit out before the Pub2Pub at the end of the month. The ride home was a bit more of a slog than usual as I had a new toy - a set of Garmin Index scales. Not strictly necessary, but at least I now know I have the body fat percentage of an athlete (go me!) or for my age I am "underfat" (so should probably get back on the sauce?) Anyway, Sal is happy, Garmin Connect has a bit more data from us.

Today's exercise was the bike to and from work (probably don't need to mention that every day) a gentle trot along the beach - 1.4km - to do my usual HIIT session - and then a gently trot back again. The best bit - there was a whale breaching for around 15minutes or my exercise session. The worst bit - my legs really fucking ache. Given them a decent workout this week though.

Toying wiht the idea of a day of rest tomorrow..but a gym weights session then a swim on Saturday would kinda complete the set for the week. See how I feel in the morning.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

I'm really not investing enough time or enthusiasm in this blog at the moment

Unusually for me I woke up to the sound of my alarm. I'm normally asleep well before 5am, so 5.15 is a fucking result.

Exercise - the ride to and fro work and a sweaty 45in in the gym at lunchtime. Free weights and cable pulls wiht 10minutes on the rower in between. Not a lot of rest in between sets.

Food - 2 carrots, grapefruit, apple and a banana, walnuts/almonds/salted peanuts and a green tea. Dinner was a little bit of the special fried rice I made the kids (was quite nice, wish I could have more), a chicken sausage and some broccoli then a bowl of yoghurt and muesli.

Before dinner I weighted 68.5kg, a little down. Might have a run tomorrow.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Short one

Cycled to work and from work to Chatswood - 6km and 20km respectively.
Large cappuccino, apple, 2 carrots, small banana, medium tub of walnuts/salted peanuts and almonds. A green tea,
Two cheese slices, some pork, a bowl of yoghurt and muesli and two sang choy bow.

Right, I'm going to bed.

Oh, how could I have forgotten. I also had a mug of lovely bone broth!

Bone broth. If it tastes as good as it looks I reckon I'll puke.

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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sunday lovely sunday

Quick run through of the day before I go to bed. Early nigtt because I'm on a week of early starts.

Up at 7am, a bit later than usual because I stayed up last night to watch the opening game of the English Premier League, this despite Garmin having told me earlier in the day that I slept less than 86% of people like me and I should really try and get some more sleep. They're probably right. Anyway, hull won 2-1 - surprising just about everyone. Alas AFC Wimbledon had lot by a similar score by the time I woke up.

Anyway, 5km dog walk to the Harbour wiht a large cappuccino. Back for some breakfast (big brekky and another large cap) and then I took the girls to Rockhouse for some rock climbing, AJ at a friend's birthday partner and me wiht the H bomb. Both of them were up to the top in no time - loved it. We will be going back.

After that I dropped the girls back home and then drove to Chatswood to drop the car off for its annual service. I always use Chatswood Auto Repairs because they were recommended to me by JCJ and have never let me down. The walk back was another 13km and another large cappuccino. Nnot a quick walk - blame the camera I had taken along for company.

Quick aside - I walked past our old house, the one we sold along wiht the plans to extend it to a lovely 4-bedder. Looks like the new owners are getting near to completing our vision for the place. Glad the old cottage wasn't bulldozed, but kinda sad that it isn't us that got it done. Lovely house, super-quiet street too...ah well, not exactly slumming it over on the beaches.

Got home and had a cheeky couple of cheese slices - basically pre-sliced cheese, not that plastic shite - to get me through to dinner. Dinner was a bit of a roast; some pork (lovely) and broccoli. The spuds and pumpkin had been kinda cremated so I passed on them. I did finish off the greek yoghurt wiht a bit of muesli.

And that is a quick run through of the moving and eating for the day - probably a zero-sum game. Seriously considering the Garmin Index smart scales because well why not. Geeky fun.

Quick aside #2. It was the City2Surf today. Didn't run it. Sad face. Bloody achilles. But surely if I can spend 6.5 of my first 10 wakeful hours on my feet, walking almost 20km in there, then I should be able to run again. Surely...

Saturday, August 13, 2016

A typical Saturday

Up at a little after 06:30 to walk the dog - 5km easy stroll, large cappuccino and a small biscuit (because fuck the diet!)

Back home and load the girls into the car; drop H at gymnastics and head to a new cafe - Fuel Espresso in Brookvale - for breakfast with AJ. Mum does the weekly chores in peace and quiet. Fuel is a recommendation from a guy at work. It is run by a friend of his and he mentioned it when I said I fancied trying shakshuka. As it happens I still fancy trying it because I had a second large cap and a tub of yoghurt, muesli and rhubarb. I do like my rhubarb. The coffee was good, the place comfortably crowded and busy with takeout trade. Refuelled AJ and I caught up on some olympic action, including heat 2 of the women's 1500m. Sifan Hassan ran a bonkers race, hanging at the back until the last lap and then overtaking the pack to win it - looked awesome. Then back to collect H and head to the pool for the kids' swimming lesson.

Had to take a picture of this up near the gymnastics place

A photo posted by @auswomble on

The girls' lessons are at the same time (it was water safety week this week, so clothed and learning not to die and what to do if someone else looks like they might) and I jump in and do a few laps. I swim like a brick. Haven't done a lot of work on my swimming since leaving school. I had a few technique lessons when I was back in the London over a decade ago, but apart from that I'm mainly run for exercise and sunk wiht or without a tank when in the water. Swimming - it's not as easy as some people make it look.

It occured to me today that I could let my Garmin Vivoactive know I was swimming. I did 100m and then switched to 50m their-and-backs with a rest between each for 500m in 11min 29sec. You'll have to take my work for it or hope this link works because when I tried to embed the code form Strava it said it was 19minutes on a stationary bike. Dur?

Back home and did some stuff, then had a cheese and pickle sarnie (because fuck the diet!) on wholemeal with butter.

Right, off to make dinner for the girls. Will update later with whatever I have for dinner. At the moment I have NFI.

Back again....I may have snuck two cheese slices and a slim slice of hame before dinner. Dinner was broccoli, baramundi and some sweet potato, then  had a bowl of yoghurt and muesli.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Bowl of muesli

Well it seems that if you drop the carbs too quickly you're eyesight can go tonto and various other bad things can happen as well because you've dropped your glucose too quickly. So I'll be having some carbs then. My eyesight has been a bit off the last couple of days, and I'm going to attribute that to the silliness of my carb drop (too lazy to plan properly) and refusal to cut out the exercise. Internet reading - self diagnosis - bowl of muesli and yoghurt.

So basically, on the diet front, I'm out. I'll tidy my diet up, but I need to play to my weaknesses. So - shock, horror - I think I'll just eat sensibly and lay off the grog for a bit.

I'm boring myself with the diet stuff already.

Day 4 goes a little off piste

Exercise is likely to be just the ride to and from work and not the HIIT session I'd hoped to do. I might still get a set in, but I had an iffy stomach this morning and then needed to head home early from work to collect AJ from school. She'd fallen off a sofa at before-school-care and bonked her head and was staying upset. It sounded like she came close to knocking herself out, but I got her to follow a raised finger wiht her eye, tell me her birthday, balance on one leg and identify which hand I was touching while she closed her eyes. She seems good. iPad, Olympics on the tele and no school the best medicine.

Food...Large cappuccino, an apple, two carrots and a banana. Small cup of mixed salted peanuts and almonds. Lunch was probably about 3-4eggs of the 5 egg ham and cheese omelette AJ and I shared, followed by greek yoghurt and strawberries. The cheese, yoghurt and strawberries are proper off-piste items.

Right, back to my working from home...

Afternoon update, and of course I did some exercise. Work pretty well done for the day - certainly the motivation to work - and the kids plonked in front of Madagascar 3 I decided to have a crack at my version of a HIIT session.

So it was the usual, performed out in the sunroom.

  • 25 star jumps
  • 25 squats
  • 25 pushups
  • 15 burpees
  • 25 pushups
  • 25 squats
  • 25 starjumps
  • 45second rest

The exercises take a bit under 3min. I do 4 sets. At the end of the 4th set I rest for 1min and then do a 5th with the burpees upped to 25. Then another 1 minute rest and a set of 15/10burpees done fast.

And that's it. Sweat like a racehorse, over in about 20minutes.

Any other week I'd have a beer to reward my virtuousness.

Me again. A bit more food. Hummus with chili sauce and half a capsicum. Now I'm defrosting some rhubarb I found in the freezer. Probably have that with some Greek yoghurt and maybe some honey as a naughty treat (as if honey isn't just sugar, sheesh.) That'll be me done for the day.

So I had a bit of the rhubarb. On its own. It was a bit depressing, I'll not lie. It hinted at a crumble I can't have. So I decided I would rather be hungry than miserable but I'll probably end up both.